It has been a day of celebration in the orphanage Tiberiade of Catembe, Maputo, Mozambique last October.

In conjunction with the project inspection mission carried out by our volunteers, some of our supporters, “godparents” through distance support of some girls housed in the structure, visited the orphanage.

Taking advantage of the whole day at their disposal, some of the younger supporters (some sponsors involved the whole family unit in this experience) stayed on with the girls joking, playing, in an atmosphere of joy that included everyone, teachers, nuns, attendants whom, since 2007, have been working in this really beautiful structure that has also been supported by our association since its inception.
On the same day three girls graduated from the Vocational Training School, which was opened within the orphanage by our association approximately a year earlier, as artisans/hairdressers. The same will now be able to undertake a job in their chosen career, an autonomous life outside of what for many years has been their home, their family. An important educational path undertaken by these girls who, thanks to distance support, can now look to their future with high hopes and great expectations.

For 2015, our support for the orphanage in Catembe will continue as always by supporting annual food purchases mainly of fresh goods (fish, meat, vegetables) purchased in local markets adjacent to the structure in order to valorize the production and activities of the local community.

Moreover, other Centre improvement projects, of which we will inform you in the next report, are being evaluated.

Middle picture shows the conferment of the diploma.

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