SA8H9C1HDistance adoption is a means through which you can contribute to guarantee that minors have access to education, food and sanitary aid. The children chosen as ambassadors represent the ultimate aim of our endeavors, the goal of our projects. The goal of all our projects is to improve the general living conditions of the entire community where the child resides. Each child chosen as an ambassador will enable us to carry out concrete projects, such as constructing schools, nurseries, wells, organizing professional training courses and medical aid.

Just 80 cents a day
Adopting a child costs just 80 cents a day; when you adhere to the distance adoption program you will receive the minor’s file containing his personal history and a photograph. Each December, you will receive a new photograph of the minor and a letter from the person in charge of the center where the child is housed, informing you of the condition of the child you have adopted, the progress he/she has made, his/her psycho-physical development and scholastic achievements. Moreover, in June and December, you will receive our AfricaOnLine report with our current projects, past projects and those in the works. In this way you will be able to verify how much has been accomplished to aid the communities where the children reside.


7VLRXBJ2How to “adopt” a child
To place a distance adoption request you have to go here. You will immediately receive the documentation regarding distance adoption, the photograph with the personal history of the minor you have adopted and the details regarding ongoing projects in the community where the child resides. Please contact us should you require additional information.

Visits and correspondence
Visiting adopted minors is a very constructive experience which we recommend, because it boosts awareness of the issues we deal with every day, besides enabling sponsors to personally verify the work being carried out. You can send correspondence to the adopted minor. We recommend brief messages which are easily understood and translated (postcards, photographs etc.).
Please always specify on the envelope the name and surname of the sponsor and the child’s code. We collect letters send to our office in Genoa several times a years and then proceed to combined shipping.

No legal obligations and deductibility
Distance adoption does not entail any legal obligations and is deductible; therefore it may be terminated at any time, besides being deductible in the income statement: natural persons may detract from the gross tax 19% of the donated amount up to a maximum of 2,065.83 euros (art. 13 ii paragraph 1 letter i ii of Italian Presidential Decree 917/86).

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