The history of AfricaOn
AfricanOn was founded in 2006 by a group of people who has been engaged and have supported projects in Africa over years. Our passion is coming from our belief: the identity and potential of the African continent can be improved by supporting their own culture and values. AfricaOn’s organization is very streamlined and is made exclusively by volunteers.

Our partnerships
Spot_AdesioneAs we don’t have resident volunteers in Africa, we have forged partnerships with local lay as well as religious associations, some of which have been operating in the area for over 50 years. This enables us to support some communities and carry out major projects without incurring in management costs associated with on-site facilities, while ensuring the allocation of collected funds.

The right thing to do
Our partners know the local environment very well and they’re able to identify issues and priorities better than anyone. During our yearly meetings with them we agree on the best way to support local communities, and wherever possible, we don’t limit our contribution to financial funding. Our approach is to establish a real partnership and support the evolution and an increased accountability of locals in determining their own future.


Long distance adoptions
The long distance adoptions is a truly sign of altruism: thru a continued financial commitment in favour of children and their community, adoptive parents contribute to improve the everyday life of children, giving them the possibility to grow in health and with dignity, in their own culture and surroundings.

Children ambassadors
Children who receive aid through distance adoptions are the final objective of our efforts and not the way to achieve it: for this reason, we follow the approach of “children ambassadors” to represent our projects. In fact, in recent years, because of the desire to create a strong bonding relationship between children and sponsors, associations found themselves to dedicate a large amount of money and resources only to conduct census and monitor children.
For this reason AfricaOn have decided to work thru Children ambassadors: they represent an entire project and community. In this way we can focus our resources in concrete projects and to improve their living conditions.

The true purpose of distance adoptions
The choice of working with Children ambassadors respond to the real purpose behind distance adoptions and at the same time allows us to divert most of the available funds to the actual project.
This is our mission every day, as we believe that a better world for future generations cannot happen without a reduction of inequalities between the modern society and the whole third world, Africa in particular. Now more than ever.