The children and the future of Africa
The AfricaOn projects are mainly directed childhood, the future of the whole continent. We ensure that children followed by our education initiatives, access to food, water and health care.


The course of action
All initiatives in Mozambique , Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Burundi are made by local organizations, secular or religious, composed of African staff. This allows us to not be cooperating permanently resident in Africa with obvious cost savings of structure, but we can still achieve results that protracted actively involving local communities through direct participation in the activities and taking charge of their training. Africaon thus merely share the projects selected based on the needs and priorities of communities by coordinating their implementation and monitoring the proper use of funds.

Select Country
Interventions AfricaOn are currently located in three countries of the African continent, select the country of your interest.

Mozambico Mozambique

tanzania-flag Tanzania

bi Burundi

ci Ivory coast

Project financing
All operations are funded through private donations participating in the program Distance adoptions or by entrepreneurs, companies and associations. In the interests of transparency and respect for our supporters we have by-laws that our budget is certified by a board of auditors.