We are all volunteers
AfricaOn NPO has no employees and is composed exclusively of volunteers who freely give of their time and professional expertise to reach the association’s goals

Management costs
Even activities pertaining to the administration, accounting and taxes are carried out by our supporters, professionals and accountants who attend to these matters on our behalf free of charge. We have decided to document our activities through a simple, plain communication rich in content.

Transparency of the balance sheet
Since our founding we have chosen to draw up the final year report, balance sheet assets/liabilities, profit and loss account and have them checked by a board of auditors.
The board of auditors verifies analyses and systematically evaluates the entries and the business’ financial situation. The auditor’s goal is to determine and certify that the accounts being evaluated tally, if they are regularly calculated and if they are in accordance with the decrees of law. (Contact us and ask for a copy of the balance sheet.)


Funds raised for Africa
We do not have offices and employees in Africa, but have chosen to avail ourselves of local organizations, composed primarily of African personnel, to carry out our projects. Besides resulting in a sensible reduction in costs, this enables local communities to develop accountability in managing projects which is the first step to ensure that in the future Africa and the Africans no longer need outside aid.

Child ambassadors
We carry out Distance adoptions through child ambassadors. This also allows us to directly divert to the actual project most of the available funds raised for the children which are being supported, as well as for all the resident communities.

Regarding pre-tax donations
The regulation introducing pre-tax donations states that the entities who receive the contribution must draw up an appropriate and separate financial statement – with an explanatory note – wherein must be stated in a clear and transparent manner the destination of the amounts received. This document must be drawn up within one year after the contribution has been received. In accordance with this regulation the entire sum deriving from pre-tax donations is destined to support one or more definite projects.