The project dates back to 2006 when Africaon was invited to collaborate on a major project for the construction of a kindergarten in a remote location a dozen kilometers from the capital Maputo.

The community district, very populous and poor, had been requesting this project for years, asking for a quiet and safe place where their younger children could spend many hours of the day. Work began in 2006, and ended with the opening of the facility on May 17, 2007.

Concomitantly to the opening meetings were also initiated with the local community to set up a Community Committee of families that, as well as maintaining contacts with Centre educators, is responsible for ensuring that the school becomes a true reference point for the neighborhood’s social problems.

The nursery has always been very popular also because access to daily distribution of varied and abundant meals helps to alleviate one of the problems facing many poor families: the availability of food.

Thanks to the inclusion in the program of distant support of a few children attending the Africaon kindergarten, after having participated in its construction, has guaranteed over time its continuing support to maintain the optimum efficiency of the structure.

The interventions held over the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 met different needs that have gradually arisen that were not covered by the registration fees and other sources of revenue: food support with the purchase of provisions, realization of a traditional kitchen and an inexpensive one that is low-cost and has low environmental impact, purchase of educational materials, copiers, furniture etc.

In 2012, 2013, 2014, interventions were concentrated primarily on the implementation of building works for the improvement or maintenance of the structure.

In particular, we intervened in the raised part of the roofing allowing greater ventilation of the classrooms, in the total renovation of the toilets that are now more functional and with special devices to reduce water dispersion. During the recent inspection mission project of 2015 we discovered, in meeting with the community and representatives of the organization who run the facility, the complete satisfaction for its functionality and the social value of the project.

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