The infantario is a government-run center of temporary accommodation available to all children in need: orphans, abandoned, abused in their families of origin, in need of care. The property is located in the center of the capital and near the central hospital (for additional details see “news and communication” of 9/2/2012).

The first intervention for 2013 by our association involved the renovation of the roof of the structure, now very precarious also because of continued water seepage (see photo) and the rebuilding of the outhouses.

This intervention has been undertaken both to improve the functioning of the Centre as well as to ensure greater safety for children that are housed therein.

In the video attached to this page, you can also learn more about the children taken in by the Infantario, children who, upon meeting our volunteers read a small thank you to our supporters for what Africaon carried out in the structure in recent years.

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