July 1, 2014

Last January, the new kindergarten in Catembe, Maputo, Mozambique was inaugurated.

The construction work, land purchase, renovation of the existing building and construction of the new kindergarten was carried out by Africaon in partnership with other non-profit organizations and European institutions. The last work carried out by our association was the construction of the tower for the collection and storage of water to ensure structure is self-sufficient (see picture). The nursery, as the nearby orphanage La Tiberiade, will be run by the Spanish nuns Mercedarias Missionarias.

Great is the enthusiasm of the community who can now count on a structure that can accommodate up to 100 children aged 2 to 5 years for six days a week from six in the morning until five in the afternoon. In kindergarten, children can have breakfast, lunch and a snack, make use of a protected area away from the dangers of the road and attend the lessons taught by specially trained personnel.

In addition, the community can avail itself of the facility for parties, meetings, weddings etc. The maintenance for the kindergarten will be granted, as far as possible, from the payment of a small tuition fee for children and through the rent of the premises for the aforementioned events.

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