The Centro Infantil Esperanca of Matola, Maputo, Mozambique is a kindergarten located in the outskirts of the capital with a high population density.

Africaon also participated in the construction of the kindergarten, built in 2007 by Italian non-profit organizations and local partners. Since then, thanks to inclusion of some children in the project of distance support, our association continues to support the initiatives and the needs of the structure.

Over the years we have bought school supplies, tables, beds and chairs, refrigerators and freezers, educational materials and office equipment such as copiers, printers and so on. We have also set up the industrial wood-burning stove (a valid alternative to gas cooking that is very expensive).

Moreover, we also offered our support to teacher training or the adjustment of the structures in order to improve usability (such as the construction of a double roof that keeps the rooms fresh in summer). This is why in 2013 our intervention is aimed at the reconstruction of the toilets in order to adapt to the required standard and as they have deteriorated over the years.

Over the years about 800 children, who were able to spend their early childhood in a very nice, safe place supported by qualified and helpful staff, have passed through the kindergarten. Many of these are now attending local elementary schools and demonstrate greater capacity for learning and relating to others.

This school year as well, the children who have enrolled are over a hundred. The center is open from 6.30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and in addition to being able to play with their peers in a peaceful environment, children receive breakfast, lunch and a snack before heading out.

Parents pay a small monthly fee that contributes to self financing the kindergarten.

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