In 2014 we have continued supporting the dispensary of Daloa in the Ivory Coast (a small hospital in a town in the center of the country and some 400 kilometers from the capital Abidjan).

In a healthcare system that takes in dozens of people every day over the years our intervention has always been aimed at improving the efficiency of the structure. In particular medical instruments/scientific instruments were purchased: a shadowless lamp, an aspirator for the operating room, renovation of the Kinesiology room etc. In this location the security situation is very precarious with many armed out of control gangs who terrorize the population and the staff of the dispensary.

The last eruption of armed gangs in the structure was in August of last year where, in an attempted robbery, the night watchman was killed.

Consequently, the operativeness of our correspondents is carried out in extreme difficulty. In order to continue to assist some patients and children living in the surrounding areas, who were unable or too afraid to come to the hospital for treatment. The motorcycle is used by a hospital nurse to assist and bring medicine at home for the most urgent cases. This means of transport is in fact very useful and can move easily along the dirt tracks and with low operating costs.

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